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Jet Li: Rise to Honor free download

Jet Li: Rise to Honor (PS2/PAL/DVD/2010)

Jet Li: Rise to Honor (PS2/PAL/DVD/2010) | 2 Gb

Rise To Honour - a bright and dynamic interactive action movie made in the best tradition of films about Hong Kong martial arts. Main role in the game virtually performs a recognized master of this genre Jet Li (Jet Li), so get ready to see a lot of tricks, virtuoso fights and slow repetitions particularly udavshihsya pirouettes.

The intricate storyline created specifically for video games, and the quality of production tricks and the richness of scenery in no way inferior to the best Hollywood movies.

Jet Li: Rise to Honor (PS2/PAL/DVD/2010)

Platform: PS2
Language: English
Region: PAL
Genre: Action
Type: DVD
Format: ISO-2,0 ГБ


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